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Sep 10, 2021

Susie Reilly is an investor, trader, and community builder, in the cryptocurrency space. Until recently Susie owned and operated a successful general dental practice with her husband outside of Atlanta, GA for the past 23 years.  That all changed in 2021 when she remembered she had purchased Bitcoin a few years ago after being pressured by her son. She took the earnings from that purchase and began a trading career that has led her to leave her dental practice and pursue crypto full time.

Susie is passionate about creating safe spaces for new investors to enter the crypto currency market. She’s the founder of 3 crypto communities The Hyve, Fomonomo, and The Crypto Garden. When she’s not reading a Bitcoin chart Susie can be found with her husband and four children traveling, exploring the outdoors, competing in triathlons, and enjoying a great glass of wine.

You can join her new crypto investor community created specifically for professional women