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May 6, 2022

Dr. Anne Stuccio is a general dentist who has been practicing for over 20 years. Her love/hate relationship with dentistry almost caused her to walk away from the profession after suffering from burnout and closing the doors on her practice 10 years ago.  During a time when speaking about career fatigue was taboo, she began a journey in conquering burnout and rediscovering a new purpose.  Through her knowledge gained, comedic writing and passion for helping people, she began a new mission to help women in dentistry never feel alone, ashamed or unsupported in their struggles with burnout.  Through her snarky Rants from the Dental Operatory blog and her popular The Brighter Life for Dentists subscription box, she is now bringing smiles and a message of hope (and humor) to her fellow dental colleagues.  Dr. Stuccio is married with two teen girls at home and lives and practices dentistry in the suburbs of Philadelphia.