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May 13, 2022

Joshua Scott is a marketing speaker and consultant who has spent the last 21 years in the dental industry. He is the owner and CEO of Studio EightyEight - Dentistry’s Story-Driven Marketing Agency. Recently named as the 148th Fastest Growing Company in the Midwest by Inc. 5000, their mission is to create more authentic marketing by telling better stories.

Josh currently resides in New Albany, Ohio where he collects Air Jordans (over 100 pairs), recently completed his level 2 sommelier (pronounced SOMM-MAL-YAY) certification and typically ends his day at Crossfit. He’s been married to his high school
best friend, Joanna, for 25 years and has two children, Caden (age 16) and Aliya (age 12).

You can learn more about him and Studio EightyEight at